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Lower Property Taxes And Gas Tax

As a businessman I have a first hand understanding that small businesses are the critical engine that keep our economy strong and provide jobs and opportunities to thousands of our residents. As your state representative I will ensure that we do not burden our small business with ever increasing taxes. I will work to lower our taxes and find sensible alternatives that encourage investments and growth in our city.

In addition the failures of the Democratic administration both at the state and federal level have caused an economic disaster that is hurting our families. The runaway inflation, and higher costs of living is hurting our families and their ability to live stable lives. This inflation is a direct result of failed policies that destroyed our ability to be energy independent. We went from the largest producer of oil in the world to having to export oil from places like Russia. The lack of business sense by the Democratic party of basic supply chain economics has led us to this crisis that will only get worse. We need business leaders at the capitol that understand how the economy works and will create policies to help reverse the effects of a federal government who is out of touch with reality. By starting locally we can also ensure that in 2024 we can move on from this failed administration and bring the nation back to an era of prosperity and energy independence. 

I will immediately work with the republican party and moderate Democrats to eliminate the diesel tax, and any other taxes that are directly hurting our working class and small businesses. Then we will set up special committees to look for ways to cut wasteful spending to ensure a more efficient state government.