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Public Safety – Support The Police  & Firefighters

As a law abiding citizen and former Navy Man I am fully committed to supporting our law enforcement. As a state representative I will be a staunch advocate for our man in uniform. I will ensure that we honor those who risk their lives to keep us safe. It will be one of my top priorities to work towards a Danbury Police Department that has sufficient officers and resources to keep our city safe. I will fight any attempts to criminalize our law enforcement and to empower criminals. 

As a state representative I will always support efforts to make sure the police department has strong ties to our community, better training and understand and reflect the population they serve. I pledge to be a defender of our man in blue and continue to call out those who in the past received endorsements by groups like the Families Working party that called for defunding our police. 

Law and Order are the fundamental keys to a safe and prosperous society. In Danbury our men in blue do a tremendous job and they need all of our support and the resources needed to continue to keep us safe. To ensure they  can guard us against the new wave of crime that is a direct result of years of democratic attacks on our law enforcement.