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Infrastructures Improve Roads Conditions

One of the major components of a vibrant and wealthy economy is modern infrastructure. I will be a state representative that will be in Hartford working diligently to ensure we get our fair share of the federal dollars designated to infrastructure. I will ensure that the state roads in Danbury are paved, and well kept. That invested in a direct rail line that connects Danbury To New York City in order to reduce traffic. I will continue to fight for dollars to update bridges and other infrastructure projects that can eliminate the congestion in our downtown area. 

I am also a big believer in expanding our public transportation infrastructure to reduce the use of cars in Danbury. This includes fighting for funds to have more bike paths, bus and train routes. In addition to a better system of sidewalks for pedestrians. Infrastructure investment is the key to ensure that we can accommodate the unprecedented growth our city faces in a way that is responsible and sustainable.