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My name is Jesy Fernandez. I came to United States as a young boy from the Dominican Republic. I will always be grateful for the amazing opportunity I had to come to this amazing country. As a young adult I joined the United States  Navy and served many tours abroad. This service allowed me to forge a deep love and appreciation for our nation and its values. 

I am a proud citizen of the United States and a staunch defender of our constitutional rights. I am a believer in the values for which this nation was formed. 

After the Navy I embarked in the development of my own business. I am now a self made and proud business owner who is living the American dream. 

I am a family man, a proud husband and father of 2. I call Danbury my home and value all of the amazing gifts our city has to offer. It is my sincere wish to be able to represent my Beloved city of Danbury.


My election and that of other Republicans will bring a much-needed balance where we can restore power back to the people.

Education is the main tool for our citizens to attain a better life and achieve the American Dream.

As a law abiding citizen and former Navy Man I am fully committed to supporting our law enforcement. 

I will work to lower our taxes and find sensible alternatives that encourage investments and growth in our city.

Infrastructure investment is the key to ensure that we can accommodate the unprecedented growth our city faces in a way that is responsible and sustainable. 



Election Date  Nov 8, 2022

Time: 6am – 8pm